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TRENDnet Debuts 2.5G Unmanaged Network Switches

Networking Industry Leader Launches One of the World’s First 2.5G Switches, Grows Existing Line of High-Performance Multi-Gigabit Networking Solutions

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USB-C to 5G Ethernet Adapters

Tech Advisor has included the USB-C 3.1 to 5GBASE-T Ethernet Adapter to their list of best USB-C adapters, stating that the TRENDnet adapter has the ‘absolute fastest wired transfers.’

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MoCA vs HPNA vs Powerline

Do you want a reliable, wired network connection without having to drill holes or run cabling? Consider MoCA, HPNA, or Powerline adapters. Learn more about how each of technologies work, and how to decide which is best for you.